Evaluating Your Martial Arts School's Digital Performance

Martial arts business management is no walk in the park. For most martial arts school owners, entry into the business comes from their passion, along with wanting to share that love with others. Unless someone on the top level of the school has business experience, many martial arts business managers may find there’s a lot to learn, in order to optimize their business.

A good martial arts business software solution can help lessen this barrier to entry, by helping perform a lot of the complicated work for you. In this blog, we show you how to evaluate your martial arts school’s digital performance, in order to keep your martial arts business growing.


Tracking Overall Performance of your School

A broad view of your martial arts business is a good starting point for evaluating your school’s performance. From here, you can see where your weaknesses are — those are the opportunities for growth and improvement. There are many metrics you can utilize for evaluating the success of your martial arts school. Some good key performance indicators — or KPIs — to track are active members, growth, billing and leads.

Active members will represent how many students you currently have enrolled at your school. Growth is monitored by the percentage of new members who have joined since the beginning of the year (when looking at an annual view), while billing should reflect invoices that are currently scheduled for the next 30 days. Leads represent your contacts that have become a lead, during the allotted window of time or those currently pending. All of these are easily traceable, through our Smart Dashboard feature. A lot of your school’s success can be attributed to your digital performance, as it generates leads and students.


Monitoring SEO Performance

Search engine optimization is an essential part of getting your martial arts school noticed by potential students. You’ll want to make sure your martial arts school ranks high in search rankings and you’ll need to monitor them often, to ensure they’re still there. You can do this manually, through checking Google search results. Make sure to clear your cache and cookies first, in order to get a more accurate read that does not take into consideration your recent search history and online activity.

PerfectMind also provides SEO services, to optimize website content and increase search rankings; further boosting your visibility to potential members. Monitoring Google Search consoles can reveal a lot more internal information: it immediately notifies you of any errors it finds on your site, tells you which keywords visitors are using to see your site on search results, who is linking to you, and more.


Evaluating Website Traffic

Analyzing who’s coming to your site and from where can tell you a lot about your digital marketing efforts. Your site will have multiple sources of traffic, ranging from search engines, social media platforms, Google AdWords, and more. Using analytics, you can see which sources are most valuable, and which country/region people are located in. PerfectMind SEO clients receive a custom dashboard and monthly email report for their martial arts school, with all of the most valuable data, allowing business owners to be on top of their business with minimal extraneous effort.

To learn more about how you can effectively manage your martial arts business’ performance, check out our Smart Dashboard feature. Even the most complicated task is only a few steps away from the dashboard.

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