Designing Landing Pages that Drive Class Intros

As a school owner executing your martial arts school marketing plan, there are many opportunities for optimizing the details of your digital marketing strategy. One such opportunity comes by way of creating effective website landing pages to increase conversion rates and drive more class intros.

A great landing page should be visually appealing, concise, and informative, with a clear call-to-action. This requires continually testing and tweaking the details, if you want to really optimize conversion rates. Here are some tips for designing landing pages that generate more leads from your martial arts website.



A call-to-action (CTA) is based on the same principle as closing a sale; “if you don’t ask, you won’t get.” It’s one of the most important things to have on a landing page and is meant to spur users into action. Ultimately, there should be one (and only one) clear CTA. There are many parts of the CTA you can alter, in order to help deliver the best results.

Certain fonts may be more attractive or easier to read, leading to higher conversion rates. Visual cues that help naturally guide the eyes towards the CTA will also help, as will making the CTA more prominent. If you do have more than one CTA, make the primary one – which should be the one to sign up for a free class, membership or otherwise — more noticeable than the others.


Visually Fantastic

The visual aspect of your landing page will play a major role in boosting conversion for martial arts websites. First impressions are key and the visual impact of your landing page will be a big variable in how people interact with your school moving forward. Your landing page should be bold, neat, clean, and (depending on your school’s branding) either colorful or minimal.

Stock photos should be avoided, if possible. They can make your martial arts website seem impersonal, potentially making it harder for you to build brand credibility or to stand out from your competitors. Spending the time to source a good photographer to take high quality photos of your school and your students will be a worthwhile investment for your martial arts school, in the long run.



It's no secret that having a mobile-optimized website is essential for delivering an optimal user experience and generating a stream of leads over time. More and more website visitors are seeking information and making purchases using mobile devices and it's critical that your landing pages display clearly and quickly on mobile devices. Whether you have separate mobile landing pages or use a responsive framework, the pages should allow your prospects to complete the desired action (usually signing up for a class intro or requesting more info) with minimal distraction.


Keep Testing

There is no one formula for creating a successful landing page. What works for some martial arts schools may not work for others, based on target audience, programs offered, geographic location and more. You’ll have to test the performance of each one of your landing pages. We always recommend A/B testing, to optimize all of the variables you're working with; this holds true for the rest of your website and not just landing pages. If your traffic volume is on the low side, you'll have to exercise patience and gather a big enough sample for the results to be representative.

This can be a time-consuming endeavor for a school owner who is already working 60+ hour weeks and new to the world of digital marketing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our website design service is specifically tailored to martial arts schools and provides complete integration with the PerfectMind CRM and our ongoing SEO services.


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