December 2014 New Feature Release

Centralize Family Member Profiles and Accounts:

PerfectMIND now allows you to quickly connect multiple family members and related contacts under one family-based Contact profile, and identify one of them as a Primary Contact. When you add members, PerfectMIND will save you time by automatically including shared information in the connected profile such as address and phone number. Once they are connected, any of their credit cards can be shared to pay for all family members’ products or memberships.

Let Your Customers Make Purchases Without Signing In:

Encourage customer purchases by making it quick and simple for online payments. PerfectMIND lets your customers skip the sign in/sign up step when making purchases by allowing them the option to proceed as a guest. All customers have to do is add an item to their cart and complete the payment details. Cha-ching!

Reuse Partial Label Sheets to Print IDs:

Use every label on a sheet, even if you don’t use them all at once. On a sheet of 10 labels, if you printed only six and have four unused labels left, don’t throw the partial sheet away! PerfectMIND makes it quick and easy to print your IDs or address labels by using our diagram to select which label to start printing on. Our user-friendly print option takes care of it whether you use 2x5 or 3x10 sheets.

Use Mr.Marketer's Quick Start Program Even Without Billing Direct:

Let new customers connect directly with you. Even if you don’t use PerfectMIND’s Billing Direct, you can still use Mr. Marketer’s quick start program landing pages. Take advantage of the feature that puts a Lead sign-up form right inside your promotions! And if you do use Billing Direct, you can even drive sales by adding a Buy Now button.

Watch Our New Feature Training Webinar: