Master Ricardo Aguilera and Ambition Taekwondo

For over 15 years, ChampionsWay has been supporting the martial arts community across North America and around the world. Over that time, we’ve have the sincere privilege of working with some incredible martial artists and school owners who are deeply committed to the philosophy of martial arts, along with their teams and their communities. Our Client Spotlight series is a way for us to shine and little light on some of these amazing people we are proud to call clients and friends.

This month, we’re happy to feature Master Ricardo Aguilera and Ambition Taekwondo. A seasoned veteran of the martial arts, Master Ricardo is not only a certified 4th degree black belt and licensed World Master instructor but also a 4-time national champion and former member of the US National Taekwondo team. Learn more about Master Ricardo and Ambition Taekwondo, in the short interview below:

CW: When did you first get involved in martial arts? When did you know that you wanted to turn that love of martial arts into a career?

RA: I first got involved in martial arts around the summer of 1991. Before that, I had watched all the classics martial arts movies. I've known for as long as I could remember that I wanted to be a martial arts master. I didn't know the difference between all of the various styles but I always knew I wanted to wear a white uniform, have a black belt and run a school of my own so I walked into an Olympic-style Taekwondo school in 1991 and have been doing it ever since.

CW: What drives your school and keeps students coming back? What sets Ambition Taekwondo apart from other schools?

RA: The driving force of our school is pushing our students to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. Students keep coming back, because they know the value of being challenged and it makes them feel good to be part of something that not everybody can do. What sets us apart is that we believe in making our students earn their ranks.

Many schools award belt promotions based on class attendance or length of time training. At Ambition, stripes and belts must be earned by demonstrating mastery of the skills in our rigorous curriculum. In a world where "everyone gets a medal," we wonder where the incentive is for students to work hard. Our school's reward structure is designed to motivate students to do their best and put forth maximum effort in class.

CW: If you had to choose one life lesson that you instill in students, what would it be?

RA: Don't be afraid to try! Whatever you do, try and always do your best!

CW: Where do you see Ambition Taekwondo in 5 years time?

RA: I see our school growing to the point where we can buy our own building and start branching out into other towns, further empowering our black belts by providing opportunities for them to run their own schools.

CW: Which ChampionsWay features have you used the most? What has become the most important for your classes?

RA: I particularly like the ChampionsWay’s email campaigns, although I use all of the features as much as we can. I feel the reports are probably the most important for our school, as we like to keep very meticulous stats of everything, from class attendance to finances.

CW: How has ChampionsWay helped Ambition Taekwondo work more efficiently or serve students more effectively?

RA: The ChampionsWay package has made administration of the school much smoother. Instead of having to buy and use several separate software packages for the different facets of running the business (website, email campaigns, financials, credit card processing, attendance, etc.), it's all right there in one place. Even with its many and varied capabilities, the software has a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. 


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