Client Spotlight: Asian Sun

Our on-going Client Spotlight series is one of the ways ChampionsWay shines a light on some of the amazing martial arts professionals that we have had the chance to work with. Working in the industry for over 15 years, we’ve connected with some incredible martial artists who run successful businesses and we have been proud to help them grow.

This month, we’re happy to feature Master Ryan Andrachik of Asian Sun Martial Arts. Now with 11 locations and growing, Master Ryan and Asian Sun have seen some impressive growth throughout the state of Ohio. As an 8 th Dan Black Belt, Master Ryan trained under the formidable Grandmaster Il Joo Kim and has now produced 18 Masters himself, along with over 300 black belts. Learn more about Master Ryan and Asian Sun, in this short interview.

CW: When did you first get involved in martial arts? At what point did you know that was your chosen career path?

RA : I started at the YMCA at the age of 6. I wasn’t very good in the beginning. It definitely took a few years for my skills and passion to develop. I knew I wanted my own school at age 12.

CW: What drives your school and keeps students coming back? What sets Asian Sun apart from other schools?

RA : This is what I love. My staff is hired exclusively from within our organization, so they have been with me since their white belts. Since they have been students for so long, instructors know the expectation of both techniques, as well as enthusiasm. We have an amazing staff. The reason the staff is so great is because they love what they do.

CW: If you had to choose one life lesson that you instill in students, what would it be?

RA : You must continuously improve in martial arts and in life. The hardest thing is to look inward and to work on one’s flaws but it is what is necessary to be successful.

CW: Where do you see Asian Sun in 5 years time?

RA : I want our schools to continue to grow and for our staff to keep being successful. I could see us at 20 locations.

CW: What is the top piece of advice you would give someone opening a martial arts school for the first time?

RA : Speak to someone who has done it successfully already; don’t try to reinvent the wheel on your own. The martial arts business has changed so much in the last 30 years, with most of the change coming in the last 5 years. Find a mentor and listen to them. I would have saved many thousands of dollars if I could have spoken to my future self when I first started!

CW: Which PerfectMind features have you used the most? What has become the most important for your classes?

RA : For us, there is no other software that lets us manage our multiple locations. There is no point in teaching if you cannot collect tuition and pay your expenses.

CW: How has PerfectMind helped Asian Sun work more efficiently or serve students more effectively?

RA : We were the largest martial arts client of a major billing company before joining PerfectMind. When our students would have a billing question, they didn’t want to speak with a billing service and would become upset so we were able to bring billing back in house. No one will take care of our students like we will. Another major advantage that PerfectMind has is the ease of enrolling people electronically. Doing it on paper was just painful.

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