Can Kids Encourage Parents to Join Martial Arts?

The benefits of martial arts training for kids are well documented and, because of this, martial arts are incredibly popular for kids. That being said, martial arts are also incredibly beneficial for adults. A great way to increase your referrals is to teach a high quality martial arts practice in a positive and fun (when appropriate) environment. This will make it much more likely that your students will recommend training at your martial arts school.


One of the best — meaning easiest and simplest — ways to get referrals is to target your students’ family members. Here are some of the many ways you can encourage kids to get their parents to attend some classes.


Host Events

Hosting events is a great way to build community within your school. It’s also a great way to meet the parents of your young students so make sure you encourage them to come out. You can get to know the parents a bit and show that your martial arts school is a big family and not just a business. Even if the parent doesn’t want to join your school personally, they will more readily recommend your school, because of how great it is in improving people’s lives. This will make them more likely to also recommend their friends and coworkers, along with creating a better family rapport.


Family Deals

The most obvious one is to have a deal for families that have multiple members practicing at your school. There are many ways to approach this one. One method is having a percentage discount off of each family member. Another alternative is to take your current referral bonus and make a slightly more aggressive one for family members. Get creative and test what works and what doesn’t.


Get to Know your Students’ Parents

Make sure you put that little bit of effort to get to know your students’ parents. Whenever their parents are in the school and you have a moment, take the time to talk about their children’s progress. This will build a good and healthy relationship with the parents that will help to ensure their kids will keep coming back, while increasing the chances that they may join themselves. We see many parents who end up giving in, a year or two after seeing how martial arts is helping out their children. The discipline that is instilled through martial arts will make it easier for them to care for their kids and this discipline can also help them tremendously in their lives as well.


Host a Parents Only Class

Once a month or once per quarter, invite all parents who aren’t currently members for a free introductory class. It’s important to keep this fun but make sure they leave with something that will help improve their life; perhaps a tenet of your martial art or a self-defense move that can help them feel more confident. While many of them won’t join your school on the first visit, you will definitely spark an interest in many, leading to more referrals.


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