Building Trust Between Instructors and Students

As we’ve mentioned countless times before, your instructors will make or break your martial arts school. Your students come primarily to learn and to train under these instructors. Because of this, the relationship between instructor and student is of the utmost importance. Students who are happy with their instructors are much more likely to renew their memberships, give perpetual referrals, and otherwise keep your revenue higher.

Here are some important tips on how to build trust between instructors and students to keep those renewals and referrals coming:

Only Promote Worthy Instructors

A worthy instructor is confident, full of knowledge, and good with people. You’ll have to pick and choose the people you want to promote to instructors carefully. Keep in mind that, to build trust, students must believe the instructor is competent and knows what he or she is doing. If you need instructors but you don’t have any to promote, you’ll want to actively look to bring one on board (or specifically handpick and train some of your current senior students). Note that someone who is shy or lacking of social skills will likely need more than simple training to become an incredible instructor, especially if they’re going to be teaching kids classes.

Train Your Instructors

If you have a student in mind to train or a current instructor who needs improvement, take them aside one day and explain clearly what they need to improve on. Encourage them to watch you or another instructor’s class, to see what they do differently. A good instructor will be able to keep working at whatever trait needs improvement: they just need a push in the right direction. Some schools offer senior leader classes designed for training instructors: a type of class you can consider running, during certain periods of the year or when you’re looking to hire new instructors.

Good Mix of Discipline and Fun

As important as it is for students to learn a lot and to train hard to consistently improve, you cannot sacrifice enjoyment. If students don’t have a good time, it’ll be really difficult for them to justify giving your school more of their (or their parents’) hard earned money. Successful instructors create a balance that will keep students interested.

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