Bettering Your Community Through Martial Arts

Martial arts schools can have a big impact on the communities they serve. They have a profound, positive effect on youth, while keeping adults and seniors active. Successful schools can become a big part of a community, with the opportunity to help those around them.


Whether you’re providing free classes for at-risk youth who can’t afford to buy a membership, motivating your students to start a charitable initiative, or giving back to the city that supports you, bettering your community through martial arts is very important for your personal development, as well as long-term business success.


Energizing your Community

A vibrant community with a lot of opportunities for physical activity is a recipe for healthy living and optimal well-being. Providing your services adds a positive influence to your surroundings but we think martial arts schools can do more than that. Host fun events throughout the year – such as movie nights, sports days, or even board game nights – and encourage your students to bring guests; helping you boost referrals, as well as being able to positively influence people to have fun and stay fit. Turning your martial arts school into a public hub of healthy socializing and wellness can do a lot for your community and your business.


Health Initiatives

The benefits of physical exercise are well-known and running health initiatives can help noticeably boost your community’s well-being. Organizing a run, sports day, or martial arts tournaments can get people up and moving. Another of our favorites is to host a complimentary fitness class on a weekend morning — online bookings with waitlists are a good idea for this one. Double up by partnering with a charity or a cause, to help boost the benefits you’re creating.


Role Modeling

One of the biggest things you can do for your community is to provide youth with a safe, positive environment where they can learn things such as resisting peer pressure and the importance of self-discipline. Having role models is incredibly important for personal growth and development and your instructors can learn a thing or two, through teaching younger students. After-school programs are a great way to keep kids out of trouble and can help bring in referrals, at the same time. Some schools even provide after-school programs for free, as they find it brings in more full-time students, as well as boosting how many kids they can help. 


Giving Back

As martial artists, we embody many ideals: integrity, discipline and indomitable spirit tell us the importance of living honorably. Giving back to the community that supports your business is as important for our values as it is for our business. This is where you and your senior instructors should get together to determine what causes are most important to you and your community. Perhaps there are a lot of at-risk youth in your area who would benefit by having a safe, positive environment to spend their time after school. If there are a large number of homeless people, blanket, clothing and warm food drops can help quite a bit. The holidays provide you with an excellent opportunity to do just that, especially during the holiday season when it can be extra tough for those who don’t have much.


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