Back-to-School Promotions for Martial Arts Schools

Back to school is a pivotal time for students, parents, and business owners. Kids are looking forward to starting a new school year, parents will once again have more time to themselves now that their children will once again be busy with school, and businesses are looking to take advantage of this lucrative annual event.

Through the madness and chaos, martial arts schools can make the most of the back-to-school period to showcase their offerings, especially those aimed specifically at youth and college students. This is also the time when many students decide which extracurricular activities they will join for the year, giving martial arts schools plenty of opportunities to gain new clients. Here are a few ideas to improve your martial arts back-to-school marketing.


Get Involved with Local Schools

There are plenty of ways to get involved at your local schools. Collaborating with educational institutions can increase your visibility to many people in your target demographic. At the same time, you can also make a huge impact on your local community’s well-being. For example, volunteering your services through instructing a few physical education classes and focusing on self-defense can greatly benefit and empower the students, while exposing them how fun martial arts classes can be. Marketing your demonstration team and performing at school events can also be a great experience for your martial arts students.

Some colleges have recreation programs with room for more programming, while others may have regularly scheduled facility bookings. For specialized programs like martial arts, local recreation organizations sometimes partner with small businesses like martial arts schools. If your school is experiencing growth and your first location is nearing capacity, this can be an excellent opportunity to expand before opening an entirely new location.


Get Media Buzz

There are many different media outlets you can use to boost your martial arts back to school marketing. Radio, newspapers, television, blogs, web publications, and social media are some of the most popular options for marketing and many of these may share your message. Having great relationships with your local media is ideal for your long-term success. Consistently providing them with great material when called upon will put you higher up on their call list, when they need to fill their programming schedule.

Morning and afternoon news shows also frequently feature local businesses, in order to showcase a particular event, promotion, or to teach their viewers something new. If you host tournaments, we recommend sending some talented students to help promote your school’s skills. Whether you’re holding a contest, hosting a charity event, performing a demonstration in a park, or doing something else newsworthy, local media outlets can be useful for letting people know.


Spread the Word

Your social media strategy needs to be well thought out, if you want to outperform other martial arts schools’ back-to-school marketing campaigns. Image-based posts perform best and your campaign should focus on this. There are many different campaigns your school can create; the key is to think about what kind of content will be most engaging for your followers. One idea would be to feature students practicing their favorite technique or form and share this every day for a week or two, while also sharing your back-to-school deals.

Contests are also a great way to have people share your martial arts schools on their posts, even amongst your students. Try hosting a contest where the student with the best video post related to your martial arts school wins. The prize could be customized school gear from your pro shop or a complimentary membership extension. This can help you spread your back to school marketing, while also boosting your referral rates.


Plan Early

Experienced martial arts business owners know that back-to-school marketing isn’t just for the end of summer. With two of your busiest seasons – back-to-school and the holiday season – being only months apart, summer is a great time to ramp up momentum. Having buzz around your school during the summer time, which can be done with a good digital marketing strategy, in conjunction with a well-timed tournament, picnic potluck, or public demonstration, can make it a lot easier to attract new students during the busy season. Keep that momentum up into the holidays so you can effectively wrap up the final quarter of the year on a high note.

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