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Preparing Your School for the Year Ahead

The new year is upon us and we have a feeling it’s going to be a great one! At the beginning of each year, there is a lot to think about and plan for. It’s can be a fresh start and making the most of it will pay dividends in the future. From planning events to strategizing your

Develop and Convert a Lead

Take an Interactive Course to Learn How to Develop and Convert a Lead

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If you're new at your organization's front desk, this is a great way to get started in PerfectMIND.

Here's where you learn how to enroll a prospect or Lead in an

How to Attract and Keep Young Students

Young students are great to have as part of your school for many reasons. When they start younger, they have a higher chance of getting to very high levels of competition. On top of that, many may stay with your school for a long time; bringing their friends along the way. Not only do young students make your school livelier

Client Spotlight: John "The Pitmaster" Hackleman

Started in Woodland Hills, California, The Pit now operates in 9 states and has almost 20 locations across the country. Opened by John “Pit Master” Hackleman, The Pit is known for being both fun and difficult: combining discipline and conditioning with real-world skills and confidence building. As a renowned trainer with over 25 years of martial arts experience, we were

December 2014 New Feature Release

Centralize Family Member Profiles and Accounts:

PerfectMIND now allows you to quickly connect multiple family members and related contacts under one family-based Contact profile, and identify one of them as a Primary Contact. When you add members, PerfectMIND will save you time by automatically including shared information in the connected profile such as address and phone number. Once they are

Keeping Your Students as Members

Members are the lifeblood for the vast majority of student-based businesses. Unless you sell a large number of products out of your school or studio, most of your company's profits are derived from membership fees and class drop-in rates. A successful school will not only attract new clients but also have a high rate of retention with existing members. It's

[Ebook] 6 Steps to Improve SEO for your Martial Arts School

What's in the book?

It takes more than a stunning website to increase signups at your martial arts school. Learn 6 steps you can take now to drive more targeted visitors to your website.

This 13-page PDF is packed with actionable tips, examples and resources that can be

October 2014 New Feature Release

Enjoy Your Smarter Dashboard:

Your PerfectMIND Smart Dashboard already gives you a comprehensive snapshot of performance statistics. Now you can also compare your marketing and financial performance between weeks, months, quarters, or years! Just select the date range and view the change percentage and summary, then export a custom report. Click any statistic to look behind the scenes and learn

Client Spotlight: Mark Russo of Amerikick

We love to see our clients succeed. Whether it’s the local martial arts school in a small town or the largest dojo in a major city, we want to hear your stories: what makes you strive to be a champion, what drives your business and how you use Championsway to improve your business.

As a new series for our

[Webinar] How to Save Membership Cancellations: 3 Straightforward Strategies

Webinar Overview

You have a member who wants to cancel. What now?
You can't save every cancellation but this webinar will cover 3 strategies to definitely increase your odds.
Join Keith McGregor, PerfectMIND Customer Success Manager, for a webinar that every membership-based business owner needs to watch.

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[Webinar] PreSkill Discovery Event

[Webinar] 10 Must-Haves For Student Retention Success

Webinar Overview

Student retention is one of the most important ingredients to a successful martial arts school. By retaining more students for longer periods of time you increase the quality of your programs and the revenues associated with it.

This webinar with Mark Russo, COO of Amerikick Martial Arts will teach you top 10 must haves for Martial Arts School

[Ebook] Facebook Marketing for Small Business

What's in the book?

41% of small businesses have a Facebook page. This means the majority of small business owners are still not using this powerful tool to reach new and existing customers.

Download the first segment of our 3-part eBook series: "Facebook Marketing for Small Business&

[Webinar] Optimize Your Canadian Consent Opt-Ins with PerfectMIND's CASL Feature

August 2014 New Feature Release

Create Promo Codes and Early Bird Discounts:

Boost response to your promotions -- add a discount incentive in PerfectMIND! You know it isn't enough to just list events and products.. you need a reason to drive traffic to them and increase sales. With this new feature you can customize:

  • Events -- Add an early bird discount for customers who buy