August 2014 New Feature Release

Create Promo Codes and Early Bird Discounts:

Boost response to your promotions -- add a discount incentive in PerfectMIND! You know it isn't enough to just list events and products.. you need a reason to drive traffic to them and increase sales. With this new feature you can customize:

  • Events -- Add an early bird discount for customers who buy before a specified date
  • Products -- Encourage your customers with a promo code for a special price
  • Events or Products -- Limit the discount by time period or quantity

Take Control of Your Website From a Single Page:

Need a member of your staff to update your website quickly? PerfectMIND makes this possible by increasing your permission choices! Once the profile is set, just have your staff click the "Manage Website" button in the Marketing menu. Now you, or those with permissions, can update your Lounge, Themes, Pages, Elements, Forms, and SEO, all from a single page!

Build Multiple Location Websites and URLs:

Are you wondering how to market several locations when they all look the same? Let us build multiple websites for your organization and give each location its own URL. Then you can create separate PerfectMIND campaigns that offer unique benefits to each location.

Watch our New Feature Training Webinar:

Nima Jazbi, Director of Customer Service, will teach you how you and your business can make the most of our latest features and updates!