5 Ways Martial Arts Schools Maximize Summer Income

Summer for most schools can be a lull, with many younger students going away to summer camps, whereas other schools find a boost from students looking for more things to do. No matter which boat your school is in, it’s not going to hurt to boost your summer income as much as possible.

Here are 3 important ways to maximize your martial arts school’s summer income:

Start Promoting Early

You don’t want to wait until June to start promoting all of your summer promotions and highlights. Start now, so students can commit to you before they commit to other summer activities. By mid-spring, aim to have at least a solid idea of which promotions you will be running up until September. Planning ahead is a key component.

Host Many Summer Events

Many parents will want to send their kids to camps, not only for the child’s experience but for their freedom. Why not host summer camps of your own? Have it martial arts driven, focused on team building, personal development and, of course, lots of fun. Camping trips and other getaways are also great. Demonstrations and picnics are an excellent way to not only boost team building but also to attract prospective students. Imagine all of the prospective students seeing your school’s demonstration in a busy park, for example.

Outfit Your Facility for the Heat

If you have no air conditioning or airflow, it will be very unpleasant to be practicing marital arts in your gym. While this won’t always make or break a student’s involvement in your school, a properly cooled gym will be very appealing for many. If they’re on the fence whether they want to keep their memberships through the summer, this could be a big one. Don’t forget to have proper hydration options for your students, as well: something that can further boost summer sales, if you’re offering chilled beverages for sale.

Freshen up Your School’s Programs for Summer

Frequent program change-ups are always good for keeping it exciting for your long-term students. Summer is a special time for this to happen. This part really depends on your school and the martial art(s) you practice but fun side classes could be a great way to attract new students and keep old ones. One that comes to mind would be to have a “get fit for summer” class, focused on high intensity interval training and conditioning. Another more traditional option could be to have stand-alone weapons training courses, if they aren’t already offered at your school.

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