5 Top Online Resources for Martial Arts School Owners

To quote a very popular band who first sang it in the ‘60s, “[We] get by with a little help from [our] friends.” The same applies to your martial arts school. No matter how well your school is run, by getting some assistance from different resources — whether they be from a neighboring school or from an online resource — you can always bring further success to your school. Beyond what you’ve learned first-hand, new developments in martial arts and business best practices are brought to light every day.

Here are five of the top online resources for martial arts school owners.


The Martial Arts Teachers’ Association

The Martial Arts Teachers’ Association is an international association that serves martial arts school owners and instructors. Dedicated to providing resources to benefit martial arts schools since 1994, MATA is a terrific one-stop shop for any school owner. MATA also offers an instructor certification program, which prepares new teachers and provides tools to achieve a competitive edge. Learn more about The Martial Arts Teachers’ Association here.


Black Belt Magazine

Black Belt Magazine is a must-read for all martial arts school owners. Considered to be one of the leading martial arts resources, the magazine provides readers with the latest updates in the martial arts industry. From technical developments to fun trends, Black Belt Magazine features interesting interviews with martial arts experts, tips and tutorials, and much more. While they offer a print version of their magazine, many of their articles are accessible on their website.  


Martial Arts Professional

Without business acumen, a martial arts school cannot succeed. Martial Arts Professional was created to help passionate martial artists with just that. A publication that mainly focuses on the business aspects, Martial Arts Professional publishes useful articles on management, marketing, and education. Check out this free resource here.


Martial Arts Media

Thanks to their informative blog articles and podcasts, Martial Arts Media is a valuable resource for martial arts school owners. On the business of running a school, you can learn how to better promote your school, attract new members, and more. Martial Arts Media also offers free webinars that discuss how to increase enrollment and student retention. Learn more about Martial Arts Media here.  



NAPMA is one of the most established martial arts associations and operational marketing experts in the field. Their goal is to help you achieve your business goals faster by providing educational programs, products, and services on how to attract more new students, increase reach, enhance program offerings, increase student engagement, and build a more successful and stable business. Learn how to become a NAPMA member here.


ChampionsWay Academy

For years, our team has been providing free resources for martial arts school owners, instructors, students, and parents. We’re proud to have contributed to the martial arts community for decades; it’s just a little something from us to say thank you, for the support that we’ve received from thousands of martial arts schools around the world.

Explore the ChampionsWay Academy here.

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