5 Tips on Choosing a Martial Arts Website

A martial arts website is your school’s official online listing. When a potential student is browsing websites for a martial arts school to join, a well designed website can help consistently boost your student base. Choosing the right website builder can make this a much more manageable task, while also making it easier for your staff members to make necessary changes and updates. A visually optimized website with a strong call-to-action can help bring prospective students into your school for a class.

Here are five things to think about, when choosing a martial arts website.


Martial Arts-Specific Builder

Martial arts schools have specific needs for their websites and using a website builder specifically made for martial arts can help save you time. Martial arts-specific builders will also optimize your site design to make more sense for your school’s needs.

While we recommend taking your own photography, whenever possible, it might be difficult for a new school with little spare time or extra budget to do so. A martial arts-specific website builder should have a good library of stock photos that can minimize the chances of using the same images as a competitor in your area.


Stunning Visuals

The website experience for visitors is usually highly visual and relatively brief. To make the most of the limited time you have to impress, use stunning visuals that grab people’s attention quickly. The layout and design also need to be clean, uncluttered, and professional. Look for templates that work well with your style and aesthetics.

Consulting your marketing plan to brush up on your brand identity and assets is essential here. Having a consistent brand makes it easier to convey important information to your community, while making you more easily identifiable. Finally, take a look at the quality of images the website builder can support, to make sure your photography will look crisp and clean for potential students.



Your website’s primary purpose is to attract more students. A website builder that has effective call-to-action buttons and a layout that directs people’s attention to it are going to be a focal point for you. Most website builders have this built in but comparing different templates can help you find ones that will best boost your conversion rates. The best martial arts website builders will guide you to optimize your landing pages for maximum conversion.



Making a website can seem daunting to a martial arts school owner who may not be tech-oriented. Finding a platform that's easy to use can help you save time and labor costs. Ease-of-use will also pay dividends down the road, by making it easy to manage and keep update coming—you want anybody with the right permissions to be able to make quick adjustments and updates.


Synchronized with your Martial Arts Software

Choosing a martial arts website builder that is tied to your management software can have significant benefits. You can gain the benefits of automation, while easily linking your social media networks to your website. Looking to go a step further? ChampionsWay’s Mr Marketer not only synchronizes your website with the rest of your marketing efforts, but it also develops professional emails, optimized landing pages and an intelligent system that effectively nurtures your prospects and students. 

For more information on how to make your website stand out from the others, check out our martial arts website builder, to start growing your student base as efficiently as possible.

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