5 Summer Camp Ideas to Kick-start your New School

With summer right around the corner, now is the best time to think about what summer camp classes to offer your students. This is an opportune moment to better relationships with your current clients and attract new ones. Children have an abundance of spare time over the summer months, and parents are keen on providing a memorable, enriching school holiday for their children. Martial arts summer camps offer a fun and action-packed activity, while also providing different types of martial arts training.

Need a great way to kick-start your new martial arts school? Here are five summer camp ideas to do just that.

Day Camps

Day camps are highly sought after, as some parents and guardians are in need of child supervision during working hours. These one-week camps will introduce new students to the appeal of martial arts and parents to the benefits of martial arts. In addition to structured martial arts training, you can also include special outings like visiting the aquarium, laser tag, or going to the water park.

Self-Defense Classes

Self-defense classes are universally valuable and equip your camp attendees with the necessary skills to handle an emergency. Your classes can offer additional value with street safety education and anti-bullying skills. Accordingly, you can include mixed martial arts techniques from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling, and many other forms. Given the popularity of self-defense classes, offering a week-long course that condenses related skills can help you attract new and ongoing students.


Offering camps that develop technical skills and heighten your students’ training can help keep students coming back to your school. Tumbling can increase your students’ strength and flexibility, which directly benefit their martial arts training. Plus, it’s a fun experience for all participants! Activities like this are advantageous for competitive teams who are seeking a unique edge in tournaments, due to increased agility and situational awareness.

Martial Arts for the Little Ones

Many studies have shown that the years between ages three and six are the most important in a child’s development. During these formative years, parents want to expose their children to as many new experiences as possible before they settle into the ongoing activities that their children grow up with. For this reason, you should undoubtedly offer martial arts classes for young children. By engaging with martial arts at a young age, children learn essential values — including discipline, focus, respect, and many others — that will be useful for the rest of their lives. Learn more about the many benefits of martial arts training for children here.

Themed Classes

Since make-believe and imagination create cherished memories from childhood, introducing themed martial arts classes are a unique and alluring choice for new and returning students. You can easily replace weapons used in martial arts, such as kendo, with pirate swords or light sabers. Offering fun and imaginative martial arts classes can result in a noticeable increase in traffic to your school.

Grand Master Edmund Ciarfella, Founder and CEO of United Martial Arts Center, explains how his summer camp programs become a direct feeder to his after-school programs, in this free ChampionsWay webinar. Learn more about how to create an actionable plan, how to conquer summer camps’ biggest challenges, how and when to automate promotions to maximize summer camp registrations, and more here.

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