5 Spring Marketing Ideas for Martial Arts Schools

With the spring months on their way, it’s a great time to start planning your marketing ideas for spring. Spring’s an important time, as this is where you start to book students into your summer programs, while setting yourself up for success in the year to come. With kids and families coming out of the winter fitness hibernation and the holidays now behind us, people of all ages are looking for more activities to get involved in. Here are several martial arts school marketing ideas to get your spring planning going.



This year, why not use Easter as a staff and student morale booster? Organize a school-wide family day on a weekend, host your students and staff and show them your appreciation. Easter egg hunts can be fun for all ages, including older students. Have prizes awarded and focus on giving everyone a great time. Escape rooms are very popular these days; if you have creative students, get them to organize one that’s light-hearted and Easter themed. Give your event a boost, by partnering with other area businesses and invite some of their clientele to join you.


Cinco de Mayo

Invite the local community over for tacos and a demonstration. In many parts of our continent, the temperature will start warming up, allowing you to start doing events outdoors. A fun and light-hearted celebration of Mexican culture with a taco party and martial arts demonstration can be just the thing to keep your martial arts school marketing ideas fresh. Now that’s a tasty event! Just keep in mind to be respectful of the culture; embrace the traditional roots and find a commonality between them and your martial arts philosophy. Need some recipes? Here are 42 taco recipes from SeriousEats.


Mother’s Day

Have a promotion where your students’ mothers are able to attend classes for free for a week. This can be a great promotional tool that will get lots of buzz on social media. Additionally, some of the mothers attending may end up becoming regular clients; helping you grow your family memberships. You almost doubled the amount of leads you had instantly!


Finally, by inviting everyone’s mothers out for classes, this can be a huge morale boost for everyone; increase the sense of community and family at your martial arts school. This type of community building can be an effective method for increasing retention rates as well.


Memorial Day

Organize a school-wide show of respect. Whether that’s participating in your community’s memorials or volunteering for the day to help commemorate our fallen troops, showing our respect is necessary. While you don’t want to turn this day of honor and respect into one of marketing, it’s still important to do for a couple reasons. First, leading by example shows to your students the importance of respect within our community and ourselves. Second, show your community the commitment your have towards being a supporting member; showing them your martial arts school stands for respecting and honoring our fallen troops.


In many communities, potential military officers, those currently serving and veterans may be members of martial arts schools. If you have serving men or women at your school, be sure to incorporate them into the planning of these initiatives. This will help grow your relationships with them, along with showcasing your support for military personnel.



With any of your martial arts school marketing ideas, it’s always a great idea to add a charitable component. The commitment you give to help your community and others around you sets an example for everyone watching. Even if it’s something small and simple like a 50/50 draw, it shows your students how one should be in their community. The marketing attention you get from it is merely bonus.


Having ongoing relationships with positive local, national or international charities is a great practice for any school. Try creating a lasting bond with one or two groups, while also choosing one or two different smaller charitable events or campaigns to get involved with, each year. The more you involve your students in choosing the charities and running the events or campaign drives, the more they will feel they have personally invested in it.


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