[Webinar] 5 Email Tips to Beat the Summer Drought at your School

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Summer can be a drag for your business. We can help you beat the trend with Email Automation. 5 Email tips to beat the summer drought at your business.

We've all seen it. Every summer you battle the dreaded outdoor activities that cause your members to leave. With simple email nurtures and promotions you can improve retention and turn the summer draught into summer profits!

Video Transcript

Welcome to the Webinar. My name is Keith McGregor. I am the manager of the Customer Success Team for Championsway and PerfectMIND. The Webinar is going to be on 5 Email Tips to beat the summer drought at your business. I'm going to be honest - we're going to go well beyond five tips. We're going to go well beyond email as well. So, sit back, take some notes and hopefully we learn a few things along the way.

So, I just want to just start off with a little quote. I saw this in somebody else's Webinar and kind of liked it. The one thing I always liked was Bill Cosby quotes. So, 'In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.' I just like Bill Cosby quotes. Some of them are extremely motivational, and some of them are just hilarious, so if you ever have a chance you check these out. I do want to mention as well - Moira mentioned it - Master Farid Dordar will be conducting the Mr. Marketer Webinar tomorrow, the weekly webinar. So definitely, you don't want to miss this. And if you have a chance to attend this, it's going to be at 11am tomorrow, Pacific Standard Time. That's 2pm, Easter Standard Time. So, the one thing here is if you don't have the link to join this webinar and you do have the Mr. Marketer package, you want to email marketing@championsway.com. We'll send you the link.

So, we want to talk about the mistake made by schools today, and the one thing that we see with schools is, they start to gear down their marketing during the slow months - so that's June (where we are now), July and August. Now the problem with this is, it's the wrong methodology. Okay, your marketing budget may change and we understand that. Everybody knows that during the summer time things are going to get slower and we have to be prepared for that. But the one thing is your marketing strategies should change a little bit as well, but they should also increase. The one thing that we always do here is we start saying, 'Well we're getting to the rut. I just want to make it through to September,' and we start gearing everything down. But by the time September hits, you're near broke. If you're not doing anything in terms of marketing to bring revenue in through the summer months, you're going to be struggling by the time you hit September.

So the one thing we're always saying to schools and we're saying to all membership-based businesses, make the summer time work for you. Increase the revenue so you can head into September going strong. Let me say here, not all marketing cost thousands of dollars. And we're going to show you some cheap, cost-free marketing. We're going to go over all that, and we always want to stress the fact that it's not too late. You can do effective marketing in the month of June to help you promote July and august. The one thing is, we're going to talk about exactly the marketing strategies that you can use in the month of June. We're going to show you real marketing strategies from a real school that has been very successful. We'll talk about that in the next moment. And you like to have everything you need at your fingertips, and I think you all know what I'm talking about as probably a lot of you have been to some of my webinars. The one thing is, PerfectMIND is right at your fingertips. What I'm going to show you, you already have, and for those of you who don't already have it, again, send an email to marketing@championsway.com.

So, this one is sort of a no-brainer. I've been here, as most of you know, I ran a membership-based business for seven years prior to coming onboard with Championsway and PerfectMIND. But there are three main reasons why summer slows us down, and for those of you who have a lot of kids at your school, well we know we're dealing with outdoor activities. Summer time comes along; its Baseball, Soccer, Swimming - all of these things hurt us in terms of our enrolments for children. The other part is its vacation time, so adults are going to vacation. Obviously they're going to start taking their kids with them.

For adult-oriented schools like say the MMA schools, the Krav Maga schools, well they use martial arts more as an exercise. And this goes for fitness clubs as well. We see the summer time enrolments die, we see people cancel. Because it's one of those things; everybody was trying to get in shape for the summer, they feel they got there; they're going to take a couple months off, and they're going to come back for September. So that's one of the things that we've always talked about that's going to happen every single summer time. And every time, well this time of year for us at Championsway and PerfectMIND, we see schools struggling. When you struggle, well we see you guys struggling and you'll come to us. Times are tough during these summer months, and what we're trying to do here today is give you ideas, give you the marketing tools so you can actually make these months work for you.

I want to talk about Champions Martial Arts in Vancouver. A lot of you may not know about this but this was actually founded by Master Farid Dordar.


This is his school. This is where the whole product started. It started from a Martial Arts school in North Vancouver. There wasn't a lot of software around back then, if any, so Master Farid actually developed PerfectMIND for this, originally MASS and then moved on to PerfectMIND. It's the largest Martial Arts school in all of Canada. It has over 700 active students. These are real students, okay. These are not the people that attend a kick fit class once per week. These are actual over 700 enrolled students. The one thing here is, we always want to know, why doesn't July and August slow this school down? And we did is we actually went and we talked to them. We figured if we're going to find out why they do so well in the summer, we might as well go right to them and find out from their mouths.

These are the Champions Martial Arts Summer promotions that they offer during the summer time, and this is what helps them beat the drought. It's what we call it. I spoke to Shawn Lindsay in detail about this. He's the manager over at Champions. So the one thing, and the big one that they offer is, they offer a summer camp. Now this summer camp runs for six weeks, and it's got 2 spots available. So essentially what it is, is it's $250 per week. They fill these up. So, at $250 per week with 20 spots available for the entire six weeks, you're looking at $30,000 in revenue. Now the real key to the success of their summer program is how they get the word out there. It's not just shoving it down people's throats. They have great relationships, and 'relationships' is something we always talk about -having relationships with your clientele, having great relationships. And that's the one thing that they're very successful at, so they can fill these summer camps quite easily. Now, the other thing that they do is they do what they call edu-selling; it's all about education. And again, you know those sleazy car salesmen tactics, those have come and gone. They don't work for membership-based businesses. We talked about edu-selling a lot in Vahid Shababi's webinar, and if you do want that you can always go to our Facebook page or go to our website and you can grab those. The other thing you can do is you email marketing@championsway.com and Vahid's webinar talks specifically about edu-selling. That's really a big thing.

The other thing that they offer is, for July enrolments they offer a free boxing glove. Sign up in July - we'll give you a free pair of boxing gloves. And in the month of August they're going to offer you a free month. So they're really pushing this as promotions to increase their revenue during the summer time, increase their enrolment. All the while bear in mind that they're offering their summer camps. Now, going back to the summer camp… The one thing that I actually wanted to talk bout with the summer camps is, think about it from your client's perspective. And this is one thing that Champions talked to me about. At Champions Martial Arts we were talking about what they do to promote the summer camps and they say their promotions rely heavily on thinking about what the client needs. So in terms of who their client is, if they're trying to promote a summer camp, they're promoting it towards the parents. Now, what's the key factor with parents when it comes to summer time? They're all working 9 to 5 jobs. They're not out for summer, so ultimately they need a fun, educational activity to take care of their kids. And that's why Champions Martial Arts they offer this 9am till 3:30. So largely throughout the day their kids are taken care of, and for $250 a week, that's not a lot of money. But bear in mind, with 20 spots and running this for 6 weeks, that's $30,000 in revenue.

Now, the other thing that they offer during the summer time is Pro-Shop Rewards for student referrals. Now we talk about student referrals these days. That is really the key source of gaining new enrolment, student referrals. Those of you on the Mr. Marketer package, you know this. We rely heavily on student referrals. So the one thing is offer rewards for them, and they love offering Pro-Shop rewards. Now the other thing they do, they offer again, a free month of tuition. 'Bring in one of your friends. If they sign up, we'll give you a free month.' So, again it's more of an incentive. The other thing they do is they increase their referral promotions during the summer time. You have no choice because it's a slow time of year, so you need to throw out the big guns during this time.

Now, this is one of the things that we talked about heavily in Mr. Marketer and I'm going to explain how these seminars work, how you gain interest in seminars. Summer time is a great time for seminars, in terms of getting your students enrolled in these seminars and getting them to bring their friends. Seminars could be a huge, huge lead generator


And the one thing that we want to stress here is how you offer these seminars. So, the three big seminars out there now are 'Bully Prevention', 'Women's Self Defense' and 'Kidnap Prevention'. What we promote to our clients is, get the word out there to your students. Send it out to your leads, send it out to your active students, send it out to your former students. But the one thing here and what we've seen with the bully prevention especially, is that it's going to be your active students who are going to show the most interesting a free Bully Prevention seminar. So we have a lot of schools come to us and they say, 'Well I don't really see the point. I'm offering a free Bully Prevention seminar to my students who are already enrolled.' And that's the wrong mentality.

The key to making these seminars work is, send the word out there. Get it out to your active students. They'll opt in, they'll express interest. Don't set a date. The one thing you don't want to do is set a date. Don't just set a date and expect a hundred people to roll into your Bully Prevention seminar. Build interest in it, and the way you build that interest is by building it with your active students. So with your active students, they tell you they're interested, now you're encouraging them to bring their friends. Think about it in terms of this: once you build the interest, you know you have 25 students of yours that are actually interested in the Bully Prevention seminar. Well you know if every one of them brings a friend, they're going to bring 25 leads. Hopefully they bring more. From that point you set the date, based on talking to the students who are interested, finding out their timelines, when it would work. But summertime is a key time to do this. Put on a Bully Prevention seminar, put on a Women's Self Defense seminar, or Kidnap Prevention. Get the students to bring their friends. Sure, send it out to the leads and send it out to the former students as well because you're definitely going to get some interest from there. But your active students are really going to be the gold mine when it comes to this.

So what's next? We want to get the word out there. And obviously, like I said before, you have PerfectMIND right at your finger tips. Okay, so we have email, Book Me, SMS, Voice Broadcast and Landing Pages. Now, these are sort of the five strategies that I'm going to talk about here, because I do want to get into PerfectMIND. Just simple things, I'm not going to go heavily into PerfectMIND training but I want to give you guys some ideas on what you can do to get these messages out there. So again we're talking about promoting summer camps, how do I get the word out there? We're talking about promoting seminars, bully prevention, Kidnap prevention, women self defense. How do i get that word out there? And I'm just going to show you some simple, simple ways to do this.

Now one thing I want to make a point on about SMS and Voice Broadcast, and this is very important because we are always trying to educate our clients. It's a big thing with us. We don't want you guys to do something that you'll regret. SMS and Voice Broadcast in terms of marketing, is kind of gone way up the dinosaur here. Be careful with that. People don't like to get bombarded with text messages and Voice broadcasts anymore. Use these more as reminders. Okay so reminders for people who have enrolled in the events, booked themselves for events, use the SMS and the VoiceBroadcast to remind these people about the date and time of the events. That's a better strategy for these. In terms of the best way to send out the message in terms of marketing, it's generally going to be email. It's generally going to be sending them a Landing page or the link to Book Me. And we'll talk about that.

So we're going to talk about creating an adventure. So we see this event and we say, in June 21st we have summer camp. So you can book for $250 and so on. Now I want to talk about creating these events and sending out this information. So in terms of this, like creating an event you just need to be in the calendar. Okay, so if I want to create a summer camp event, the one thing that you have to remember here is you want to change the class to a special event. We could put the name in here, whether you know, obviously in this case we'll say it's going to be summer camp. You would set the date. You would change this to public okay. Show to, show to is who do you want to show this to? So if I want the public to enroll in this event I need to show it to the public. So I would select the public. From here I can set the price. So in this case if I'm offering it for $250 I simply put in 250.

Now the next step is, I need to set a capacity. So in this case, if we are saying - and we use Champions Martial Arts as the example - if there is a maximum capacity of twenty, we will simply set twenty and click, 'save'. From there, when you go to the BookMe link, they will be able to register for right here.


They can book for the summer camp. And they can actually go on there and they can pay for it online. If they have a member account they can enter their member account. If they are new they can go straight to the sign up page, pay the $250 for the actual summer camp. And we talk a lot about this too as well. In terms of paying for things online that's a big, big thing right now. And everybody should know about that. There is a big train going on with Martial Arts Schools especially about paid trials, and we've been big on this for years now. There are all sorts of people who offer free trials. All your competitors are offering free this, free that, put a paid trial there. Okay, a paid trial is worth ten times more than a free trial because the person who pays for the trial is going to be more invested than somebody who just got a free trial. So we actually have been tracking this and what we find is somebody who accepts a free trial, only shows up for 30% of the time. This is getting a little off topic but this is something that you need to be aware of. Somebody who does a paid trial will show up 95% of the time. So those are good odds. SO in terms of when you are offering promotions on your website, whatever it is always offer what we call a quick start program. And whether that be $19.95 for two classes, or $69 for four weeks, whatever it is, put one out there. You'll be surprised how many paid trials you can get.

Now the other thing I wanted to talk about was forms. Okay, so creating these forms. And I'm going to talk a little bit about bitly as well and shortening links. I'll explain that in just a second. You can create forms quite easily by just going to the forms area in PerfectMIND. And from there you can create simple forms just for quick registration. Okay, you can attach them to specific campaigns as well. So you know exactly what they're interested in. You can create new campaigns right on the fly. So if I click new campaign I can put in, say for instance, I'll just put bully prevention. From there I make it active. From there I can save it. Okay, so anything that comes through on this form, and when I say form I mean landing page. Like that first name, last name, email address, phone number, that's what I mean by form. So form, lead generator, landing page, it's all the same thing. It will give you a form typically like this. Okay, it will end up looking like this first name, last name, email address, primary phone number. Now we have forms that are already in here. You can go right here to your quick registration. You can change the campaign to this, to bully prevention. So anything coming through here now will come through as bully prevention. So you will be notified. Every time you get a lead you should get an email. So you'll see the person's name, you'll get their phone number, you'll get their email address and you'll know what they are interested in based off of this campaign. This campaign is key so we know exactly what they are interested in. From there, you can take this and you can embed this on your website. You can take that, for those of you who know HTML. You can just embed that on any page on your website. For those of you who use a webmaster, you can give it to them and I'll guarantee you they'll know what to do with it. But what you can also do is you have a link. Now this link is the form that we just created.

So the one thing is we can actually email this link out to all of our active students, all of our leads, all of our former students. And then from there we can see how many people would be interested in the bully prevention seminar. Now again, Mr. Marketer does this. For those of you who are on the Mr. Marketer program, obviously it already does this and it does a custom landing page for you. But I'm just giving you guys ideas who are not on Mr. Marketer. This is something that you can do. But one thing that you don't want to do, you don't want to send out this big ugly URL. Okay, it should be a short and sweet URL so you would copy it. And for those who don't know about it, go to bitly.com and what bitly.com does. B-I-T-L-Y.com is it shortens these URL's. Okay, so it make them nice and tidy, so when you paste it in you can shorten it and then you can take the new URL, copy this, and send out and email blast with that short URL, just seeing if anybody is interested in bully prevention seminars. Just give me your information I will get back to you. Don't set a date though. This is just to get information.

So the one thing they were really stressing about here is this is just ways to... you can get lead data, you can put this out on Facebook as well, 'click the link if you are interested in a free bully prevention seminar.' paste the link.


That's free marketing. So if people are interested in the bully prevention seminar you could get leads, you may get your active students; you may get some of your former students. But regardless, you are going to get interest. Once you build the interest you can then set the date. Now, from there, like I said if you wanted to send this out, you can simply go to 'send emails' under your marketing menu and you can simply copy and paste that email. And you can actually personalize these, we all know this. And if anybody doesn't have training on this, message marketing@championsway.com, we'll send you the live training link. You can jump into anyone of our training classes and we'll show you exactly how to use this email function so you can personalize it. So it'll say 'hello John, just wanted to know if you would be interested in a bully prevention course.

It's going to be a free seminar. Tell your friends, let me know if you would be interested.' paste the link. They click the link, they enter in their information, and you're automatically notified on your phone through your email that you've received a lead from the bully prevention campaign. So these are just short and sweet tips and we have a lot of them so if you are ever interested in more of this, always come to the live training.

Now, what I want to do. I want to open it up to some questions from all of you. So [ph] Moira I'll let you take it from here. The one thing I do want to mention again while you are still typing your questions. The one thing I do want to mention is the Mr. Marketer webinar tomorrow. It's strictly for Mr. Marketer clients but that's going to be with Master Farid Dordar. And again, email marketing@championsway.com and we can send you the link from there so you can get access to that webinar. And from here out I'll open it up and I will take some questions.