24 Hour Support – Press Release

Vancouver, BC, January 14, 2014 -- PerfectMIND announced today a substantial investment in their support services to provide their clients with 24 hour support - the aim of which is to enable customers to get faster help for PerfectMIND products and services.

Customer support agents will be available 24 hours a day to help support business owners with all their technical needs. The support department is available via phone, email and chat.

24 hour support benefits include:

Fulltime access to agents regardless of time of day or time-zone

The elimination of possible down time while waiting for agent response

Guaranteed increase in customer satisfaction with increased access

"The most powerful way to retain and keep your customers happy is by providing support when they need it," noted Farid Dordar, CEO of PerfectMIND. "PerfectMIND's recent decision to increase our support hours demonstrates our commitment to providing the best products, services and support in the industry."

Always striving to improve the customer experience. In 2012, PerfectMIND invested in both the support and services departments to streamline processes and improve overall customer experience as well as customer relations. With these improvements PerfectMIND was able to boast an increase in overall customer satisfaction scores and customer retention.

Actively listening to the customers again, the team at PerfectMIND decided to increase support hours. With a growing customer base now expanding to the UK and Australia it was only nature to ensure the product could be supported at all hours. "Outstanding support is expected and deserved by our customers in all regions, and our goal is to ensure we continue to deliver it," said Ali Sanei, COO, PerfectMIND. "We are continually seeking to improve how we do business and keep all our clients' needs at the forefront of all our business decisions."

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