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Paid in Full: The Risks of Cashout Memberships

Membership pricing structures are a necessity for membership-based businesses such as martial arts schools. Various pricing strategies can be employed, in order to help spur new memberships: drop-in, monthly, semi-annual and annual memberships are commonly found and each type has its own pros and cons.

Cashout memberships are when members pre-pay for a long-term membership, usually for the reason of

What PerfectMind Clients Should Know About the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Over the weekend of May 12th, 2017 the WannaCry Ransomware attack was reported in 150 countries, devastating an approximated 150,000 computers. The malware locks a user out of their own computer by encrypting their data until a ransom fee is paid, rendering the user's system useless and inaccessible otherwise.


Screenshot: MalwareHunterTeam

The widespread cyberattack affected individuals all over the

Make Taking Attendance a Breeze with PerfectMind

Your students are the core of your martial arts business but newer martial arts schools may not see the importance of attendance tracking, especially with a small student base. When a school starts to grow in size, keeping track of attendance off the top of your head can become too cumbersome, to say the least. Even if you have a

More than Belt Ranks: Goal Setting for Martial Arts

Goals can help you reach your full potential, no matter the endeavor. With the martial arts journey being a long and tough one, goals are a necessary part of becoming a successful martial artist. Belts are great for giving martial artists a sense of progression, accomplishment, and goal setting. That being said, there are so many other targets martial artists

How and When to Renovate your Martial Arts School

Renovating a martial arts school can be a daunting task but, for some schools, a necessary one. There are plenty of reasons why a martial arts school could use a renovation. Whether it's to improve the functionality of your school, accommodate your growth or to modernize your space, there are lots of factors to consider.

A cost-benefit analysis of the

5 Must-Haves When Teaching Self-Defense Classes

Learning how to defend oneself effectively is one of the most popular reasons adults start martial arts classes. The world can be unpredictable and having the ability to protect yourself can help empower people and assist them in surviving any unfortunate encounters with aggressors.

In most cities, there are a lot of different types of self-defense you can learn, ranging

Choosing the Perfect Martial Arts Style for you & your Child

Martial arts, in some form or another, have been around for millennia, with the oldest work of art depicting scenes of Egyptian fighting dating back to 3400 BCE. Through this time, many styles of martial arts have grown, evolved and developed into the common modern martial arts systems we see today.

While this is not an exhaustive list of martial

Evaluating Your Martial Arts School's Digital Performance

Martial arts business management is no walk in the park. For most martial arts school owners, entry into the business comes from their passion, along with wanting to share that love with others. Unless someone on the top level of the school has business experience, many martial arts business managers may find there’s a lot to learn, in order

How to Build Business Partnerships for Martial Arts Schools

In the past, business owners may have found success in having a great product or service, marketing it, then selling it. These days, potential students look for a bit more, like the story behind your school or what you do in your community.

Creating an authentic community goes beyond your school doors. A true community should have relationships and networks

Designing Landing Pages that Drive Class Intros

As a school owner executing your martial arts school marketing plan, there are many opportunities for optimizing the details of your digital marketing strategy. One such opportunity comes by way of creating effective website landing pages to increase conversion rates and drive more class intros.

A great landing page should be visually appealing, concise, and informative, with a clear call-to-action.

Martial Arts Philosophy and the Modern Dojo: How is it Relevant?

With the relatively recent explosion of televised mixed martial arts, disagreements are happening in the martial arts community about what a “real” martial art is. Some say only traditional ones should be counted, as martial arts without traditional philosophy is merely a sport or fighting, while others believe mixed martial arts is as much a martial art as karate or

Giving Up Control to Scale your Martial Arts School for Longterm Success

The hardest part of scaling your martial arts business is maintaining quality, while keeping your cool. As with most forms of business growth, the management has to prepare itself for a number of side effects. It’s tough to find grade A instructors and, if you only have three quality instructors, for example, it may make it very tough for

How to Prepare your Martial Arts Students for Exams

Belt testing is a key practice in many martial arts. By combining goal setting, ranking and your martial arts curriculum, belts and exams set a structure for a martial artist’s journey towards mastery. Each belt has a set list of techniques, patterns, and philosophies to learn, acting as stepping-stones towards a black belt.


This is a great opportunity

How to Create a Succession Plan for your Martial Arts School

At some point, long after first opening the doors, a martial arts business owner is faced with the decision of handing off a martial arts school to a trusted disciple. This hand-off could be due to retirement or an expansion of schools but the important thing is being able to do it correctly. If you’ve been following our blog,

Getting Results: Traditional Marketing for Martial Arts Schools

While digital marketing is ferociously expanding, that doesn’t mean traditional marketing can be ignored. For most martial arts schools – especially ones located in suburban or rural areas – you will find a mix of methods to be most successful, in terms of what your students and prospective students spend respond to.


In the past, newspapers, print, television and radio