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Martial Arts Federation Spotlight: World Taekwondo Federation

Most popular martial arts have an international federation that governs their art. Their predominant mission is usually to promote the martial art, maintain standards of tradition and curriculum, as well as to sanction official competitions and belt rankings. In Taekwondo, the World Taekwondo Federation reigns supreme.


One thing that sets the WTF apart from most martial arts federations is

2016 Martial Arts SuperShow: The Expo for Champions

It's not like we ever need a reason to go to Vegas – but if we did, there’s none better than to attend the most anticipated industry event of the year: the 2016 Martial Arts SuperShow. ChampionsWay was once again a proud Platinum sponsor for 2016. Every year, thousands of martial arts enthusiasts from across the globe flock to Sin

Does Groupon Work for Martial Arts School Promotion?

Small businesses need to look at many different opportunities for growth. Once a martial arts school reaches the point where they are optimized and maximizing their opportunities on marketing avenues such as producing seasonal events, marketing on Facebook, or mastering their social media in general, they must look at other prospects.


One of these opportunities for martial arts school

[Webinar] Back-to-School: Advanced Marketing Tactics for Black Belts

Webinar Overview

The back-to-school season is fast-approaching. How ready is your school to capitalize on this short-lived opportunity to drive membership signups? Have you already tried countless back-to-school campaigns with mediocre results?

We’re honored to have Chris Millares, Chief Development Officer of Amerikick, return for his second back-to-school webinar. This time, Chris will take it up a notch and

Martial Arts Advice From the Pros: Grow Your School Long-term

Whether you’ve been running your school for years or trying to get it off the ground, longevity should be a key facet in every martial arts school’s arsenal. From martial arts marketing ideas to community building, there are many aspects of your school that will need to come together effectively, in order to see your school succeed in

The EMV Transition: Is your martial arts school ready?

What is EMV?

Whether you run a small school with fewer than 50 students or manage several large schools, there are important payment processing changes underway that will likely impact your business. The EMV transition will impact businesses across the U.S. that accept credit and debit cards.

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the original developers of chip

Facebook Marketing for Martial Arts Schools

Facebook has become a great resource for businesses and organizations looking to effectively promote themselves. According to Zephoria, there are over 1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users and the number is still growing. Even in one day, an average of 1.09 billion people log on.


With so many users, it’s become one of the best places

Using Software to Run a Martial Arts Tournament at your School

Hosting a martial arts tournament can be very rewarding. Not only can it be profitable, it’s a good opportunity to build community in your area, meet other martial artists in your community, and provide a great experience for everyone involved. Although martial arts is a very personal pursuit, tournaments are a great way to truly compete in your martial

Student Reactivation: Getting Students Back on the Mat

As you run a martial arts school for a long period of time, you start to see patterns in students’ membership tendencies. For example, you may find that a third of your students will dip in motivation in their late teens, as they want to go out on Friday nights rather than attending classes at that time. How

Are Pre-School Martial Arts Programs a Good Idea?

There seems to be a lot of contention over what the earliest appropriate age to join martial arts is. Parenting is one of those things that many people have varying views on. However, one thing most parents can agree on is that discipline - and more importantly self-discipline - is one of the key traits to instill in your children.

Martial Arts School Budget: Creating Your First Budget Plan

A responsible and successful business needs to have a solid grasp of their finances. With a good martial arts school budget, you’ll know how much money you have and which areas of your business need and don’t need further investment. You can track your cash on hand, business expenses, and how much revenue you need, in order to

Outdoor Martial Arts Class Ideas

Spring has sprung and the sun is (hopefully) out in the air. Take advantage of the season, by hosting some of your classes in the warmer weather. There are many reasons to do this. The benefits of being outdoors are numerous; the fresh air will do your students some good.


Holding classes outdoors can also garner a lot of

How to Create More Revenue Renting out Your School for Events

Unless you own your own space outright, one of your biggest costs will be your rent or loan payment. To offset this inevitable expense, many martial arts schools find some extra revenue by renting out their space. Hosting others for martial arts school events works because most schools only hold classes for a specific time period - traditionally in the

Can Martial Arts Help with Injuries?

Injury recovery is a hot topic and for good reason. No one wants to be debilitated and limited in his or her abilities. Injuries can come from anywhere and they can be unexpected; preventing you from going to work, helping around the house or pursuing your hobbies. Martial arts may seem counter-intuitive to injury recovery, at first, but it’s

How to get Scheduled Leads to Actually Come to their First Class

Getting martial arts leads is always important but converting them into students is where you atually earn revenue. That being said, getting martial arts leads is far easier than converting said leads into students. There are many different things you can do to boost your membership numbers; our approach is that you have a high quality martial arts curriculum and