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Running your First Martial Arts Tournament As a School

Hosting a martial arts tournament can provide many benefits for your school. The gathering of students builds and strengthens the martial arts community in your region, which helps students from multiple schools stay engaged and motivated. Tournaments are also excellent opportunities for students to test their skills, fitness levels, and knowledge against others who have learned from a different master.

5 Tips on Choosing a Martial Arts Website

A martial arts website is your school’s official online listing. When a potential student is browsing websites for a martial arts school to join, a well designed website can help consistently boost your student base. Choosing the right website builder can make this a much more manageable task, while also making it easier for your staff members to make

How Martial Arts Help Kids Succeed at School

School can be a challenging environment for some students. Kids have to succeed academically, while learning plenty of life lessons, juggling extracurricular activities, and dealing with new challenges they've never faced before.

Martial arts schools can teach many of the skills required to succeed in school. We're not solely looking at academic performance, as conflict avoidance, working well with others,

Marketing Mastery: Building a Quality Newsletter

Email marketing should be a central part of your martial arts school’s digital marketing strategy. The most effective email marketing will provide a platform to communicate with your current and prospective students, using engaging content that doesn’t annoy your audience. Martial arts schools can utilize the power of an excellent newsletter to deliver a variety of news and

Preparing Kids for their First Martial Arts Class

Martial arts classes for children can be incredibly valuable for a child’s physical and mental development. While the benefits are significant, some kids may find their first martial arts class very intimidating. The first step in preparing your child for their first martial class is to take your time to source the right school and instructors for your son

Scaling Class Sizes for your Students

Class sizes are an integral factor for martial arts schools, for many reasons. For one, the size of the class can negatively correlate with the quality of instruction. Having multiple classes or utilizing teaching assistants will also mean higher labor costs, decreasing your short-term profits. The availability of instructors is another thing to note, as a lack of instructors can

No Room for Inventory, No Problem

A martial arts pro-shop can be an additional easy-to-manage revenue stream that can make martial arts studios more financially stable, while providing a convenient one-stop shop for your students’ needs. Different martial arts schools will have varying needs and wants from their students in regards to inventory. A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school may only need some gis, technical athletic wear, tape,

How Cross-training Benefits Martial Artists

Cross-training can be a great tool for any athlete. Training regularly in one discipline can develop specific muscles, which can create imbalances down the road. Cross-training can help build balance in your body, allowing you to practice your martial art for many years, with a lower risk of injury.

Training in multiple fields can also give you other advantages. You

What You Need to Know Before Changing Martial Arts Software

A successful business starts from a top-down approach, where the brand and leadership define other company roles and the overall approach. Management staff of a successful business needs to be communicative, supportive, and should be able to see the bigger picture. These points should ideally lead to happy and empowered staff, with the end goal of a better customer experience.

Evaluating Insurance for Martial Arts Schools

Martial arts insurance may be one of the biggest overlooked things for any aspiring martial arts business owner, especially when it comes to calculating business expenses . Due to the highly physical practice of martial arts, insurance is a key part of any successful martial arts business plan. While there are many risk factors that can really hinder the success of

Why Your Martial Arts Students Need a Training Partner

While some aspects of martial arts are practiced on an individual level, most martial arts concepts need interactivity for students to fully understand them. Learning how to punch or kick with perfect form is great, for example, but it’s difficult to master these techniques without knowing how an opponent will react to them. Training partners may help students develop

Things You must Know to have Weapons Classes at Your Martial Arts School

Many traditional martial arts have a weapons component in their curriculum, while others like Kendo and Bojutsu are centralized around a specific type of weapon. With many schools teaching multiple disciplines of martial arts, weapons training can be great addition to your school, even as an extracurricular class. Weapons training can differentiate your school from others, while providing a fun

Back-to-School Promotions for Martial Arts Schools

Back to school is a pivotal time for students, parents, and business owners. Kids are looking forward to starting a new school year, parents will once again have more time to themselves now that their children will once again be busy with school, and businesses are looking to take advantage of this lucrative annual event.

Through the madness and chaos,

Using Private Lessons to Grow and Improve your Martial Arts School

While most students in North America learn martial arts in classes alongside many other students, there are other ways one can study the arts. Many martial artists you meet in class haven’t been fortunate enough to have a master as a mentor and trainer but private martial arts lessons are a great addition to the warrior’s arsenal.


The Evolution of ChampionsWay

As one of the first software companies working strictly with membership management businesses, ChampionsWay was born from necessity. Developed by a martial arts school owner to solve operational headaches encountered by schools of all sizes, the original MAS (Martial Arts Software) system quickly became a runaway success spurring continuous development of one consolidated system to run attendance, member management, billing,