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Master Ricardo Aguilera and Ambition Taekwondo

For over 15 years, ChampionsWay has been supporting the martial arts community across North America and around the world. Over that time, we’ve have the sincere privilege of working with some incredible martial artists and school owners who are deeply committed to the philosophy of martial arts, along with their teams and their communities. Our Client Spotlight series is

Should your School Implement a Dress Code for Staff?

Professional offices tend to have a dress code for staff but what about for martial arts school staff? Most martial arts schools have a specific uniform to wear such as gis or doboks, which means any sort of dress code usually involves these traditional martial arts uniforms.


However, some schools opt not to use uniforms, for a variety of

New Features Release November 2016

We have some great new features developed that your members and staff are sure to love. The features below start rolling out Thursday, November 24th.

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You can now generate and view reports on the daily cash flow of all tills throughout your school. Filter the reports with a

How to Create an Online Store for Taekwondo Schools

Successful martial arts schools look at more than just one revenue stream to keep their cash flow healthy and steady. We’ve discussed how hosting birthday parties and renting your space out for events can help boost revenue and referrals but pro-shops for some martial arts schools are a big factor in their profitability. For a martial art like Taekwondo

How to Create Engaging Ads for Martial Arts Schools

Getting new students in the door, month after month, can be challenging but effective and engaging martial arts ads can really help bring fresh faces into your school. What makes an ad engaging? There are a lot of variables to consider, when building out your ads. Who do you want to target? How long should the ad be? How can

Nutrition & Lifestyle Habits for Martial Artists

Nutrition is an incredibly important component of high performance. Without proper nutrition, your body won’t be able to grow and get stronger in the long run. Plateaus will hit everyone at some point and a lacking nutritional profile will bring that on much sooner. Although we mention calories below, we’re not going too in-depth with calorie counting or

Rental Spaces for Schools: How to Deal with Rising Rental Prices

In most major cities, businesses and residents are dealing with increases in rental prices. Rents are now topping the list of fastest-rising prices and many businesses are feeling the burn. With rents going up, business owners' tough decisions are becoming even more difficult. Smart decisions need to be made, in order to effectively offset the increase to your costs.


[Webinar] Scheduling Classes for Optimal Results

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One of the biggest challenges of growing a school comes with class scheduling. Identifying when and how to optimally schedule classes and manage your instructors is something that can impact new signups, retention, student and instructor satisfaction.

We're honored to have Master Ingrid Katzberg, North American kickboxing champion and founder of Champions Academy, share her expertise. Master Katzberg

New Features Release October 2016

We have some great new features developed that your members and staff are sure to love. The features below will have rolled out to everyone by Thursday, October 20th.

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As a Smart Client user, create a custom status for event attendees. Make a note of why a student

Benefits of Martial Arts for Women

The Martial arts are frequently thought upon as a very masculine practice. While gender shouldn’t be an issue, we do find that many women either disregard martial arts as a guy’s endeavor or are intimidated by the perception of a boys’ club. That being said, there are so many great benefits for women practicing martial arts and this

Using Martial Arts Marketing to Create Lifelong Students

Martial arts is a journey that takes many, many years to master. Focusing on creating lifelong students at your martial arts school will help build your school’s legacy and its contribution to the martial arts community. Additionally, these students are the ones who will carry your teachings and hopefully pass them on to new students.

This is also great

Combating Bullying with Martial Arts

Bullying seems to be one of those things we’ve all grown up with. Kids can be mean and, without an internalized understanding of the consequences of bullying, this can lead to aggression towards classmates, neighbors and others. Sometimes this comes with big, lifelong consequences for both the bullied and those doing the bullying.


With the right role models

Using Adwords to Increase Martial Arts Registrations


Google’s prevalence is well known and a successful marketing plan will have a specific strategy to ensure visibility in its search results. As of March 2016, the average number of Google searches per second totaled 2.3 million. With over 2 trillion searches per year – and over half of them coming from mobile devices – it’s a no-brainer

Digital Dojo: Boosting Registrations with Online Marketing

Looking to attract new students to your martial arts school? These days, that focus is often on online marketing. With the decline of traditional forms of marketing, more and more successful small businesses are looking online to do the bulk of their marketing. The best marketing plans now have a strong, broad approach to online marketing.


There are many

Designing a Website for your Martial Arts School: 10 Must-Haves

Remember the internet back in the 90s? Not everyone used it and it often only served as a glorified digital directory for many small businesses. By 2015, 68% of Americans over the age of 18 and more than 80% of those ages from 18-49 had smartphones. Not only is the internet used by most, it’s readily available in the